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Highly performing leaders have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the projects while being focused on getting members to execute the plan. The Check Your Attitude Workshop forwards a leader’s ability to create a consistent environment that stimulates creativity, innovation and problem solving. Leaders learn tools so they can create and sustain a positive environment for their teams especially when challenging problems arise.

Check Your Attitude is a visual map that enables people to quickly identify what attitudes they and others are operating and set of awareness and coaching tools so they can transform negative attitudes into positive ones. Leaders learn how to recognize when they are in a negative attitude, the impact it has on others and how to shift to the positive attitudes and make effective communications that enhance the performance of the team. The CYA Table also offers a methodology to reinforce and balance the positive attitudes. When leaders walk the walk and talk the talk by exemplifying the behaviors and characteristics that they encourage in their followers it creates a natural and authentic inspiration and motivation that is one of the foundations for highly performing organizations.


Team members build the foundation of trust, enhanced communication, and workability. Team members learn the nuts and bolts of how to operate from positive intention in their everyday interactions. This builds trust and open, honest and direct communication. This engaging program has many opportunities for team members to get to know each other on a deeper level, understand what makes them tick and how to understand and transform their hot buttons . and support and coach each other.
The core of this program is learning how to use the Check Your Tude chart. Team members learn how to identify and change the 20 most common negative attitudes that arise at work and in their lives and shift them into a positive response and communication. They learn a 5-step coaching framework that they can use for coaching their team mates or for self-coaching.
In addition to learning how to use the Check Your Tude chart, they learn the foundational rapport and communication skills that enhance listening and rapport. Team members also learn 5 strategies for creating alignment and transforming resistance. The Check Your Attitude program is highly interactive and engages the participants from beginning to end. The 1/2day program is a standalone the equips member with the awareness and tools to sustain long lasting change.

Check Your Attitude maximizes
performance by deepening trust,
enhancing morale, and creating
quality communication.
Check Your Attitude is a common
framework and focus for leaders, their
teams and organizations.

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