Check Your Attitude Coach and Trainer Certification


The following are offered as single and multiple day courses (6hr/day) that can be taken independently for International Coach Federation Continuing Coach Education (CCE)* credits or as standalone training for coaches.

Leader as Coach – 1 day
A corporate level introduction introducing leaders, manager and supervisors to the coaching fundamentals. Participants gain communication skills and the fundamentals of the International Coaching Federation coaching framework they can apply immediately.

NLP Coaching Skills – 1 day
Learn how to read and interpret non-verbal signals, create and sustain rapport, listen and understand in-between the line. use powerful questions to get to the bottom line, create powerful outcomes and resource states.

Advanced NLP Coaching Skills – 2 days
Learn how to utilize sub-modalites, spatial anchoring and timelines, new belief generator and parts party to help your clients create long lasting changes.

Check Your Attitude Coaching Certification – 2 days
Fully utilize the Check Your Tude table in your coaching meetings. You will learn how to recognize each of the 40 most common attitudes that people have at work, understand the dynamics of each and strategies to coach people to shift out of the negative attitudes into positive ones and how to help high performers balance their strengths.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Coaching – 1 day
This one day workshop teaches you how to create and deliver mindfulness and stress reduction techniques that you can use in coaching. The course also teaches you how to teach you clients how to use these techniques in between their coaching visits. * (CCE credits pending ICF approval for CCE)


This program is designed for accomplished trainers who would like to add Check Your Attitude to their course offerings.

A self-directed blended learning course including a comprehensive trainers manual and the Check Your Attitude course materials and individual mentoring by Jim Peal is included in this package. In addition to your Corporate Level Certification, this course also qualifies you to lead approved Ignite Youth and Community Programs.

Check Your Attitude – Intensive Certification Training

January 29, 30 2018
Koln, Germany

This intensive program is for accomplished trainers, consultants and coaches who would like to add the Check Your Attitude course and tools to their training, consulting and coaching offerings by becoming certified and authorized to lead the Check Your Attitude course. In addition to becoming certified and authorized to lead Check Your Attitude, the International Coaching Federation has approved this course for 12 hours of CE credit. The course is presented in English. However, the material is available both in English and German.

What is Check Your Attitude?

Attitudes are unconscious filters that determine what you perceive, how you think and feel, which translates into how you communicate and behave.

Check Your Attitude is a visual map that enables people to quickly identify what attitudes they and others are operating. It is a set of awareness and coaching tools which helps to transform negative attitudes into positive ones. Leaders learn how to recognize when they are in a negative attitude, the impact it has on others, how to shift to the positive attitudes and, ultimately, how to establish a sustained positive communication style which will boost the performance of their team.

The chart looks like a chemistry periodic table of the elements but consists of mindsets as the elements.

The chart can also guide the user balance their strengths by selecting a strength from each row.

See Jim's opening comments to the corporate course (1 minute) Click Here

Intensive design

PParticipants will complete the online training program as preparation for the face-to-face training. The online program consists of short video segments taken from an actual corporate training and the studio that are organized around the written manual. Participants receive 2 manuals – English and German.

The first section of face-to-face session takes you through the ½ day corporate course as a trainer participant. The core of this 1/2 day corporate program is learning how to use the Check Your Tude chart - how to identify and change the 20 most common negative attitudes that arise at work and in their lives and shift them into a positive responses and communications. A 5-step coaching framework that they can use for coaching for self-coaching and coaching others is part of the 1/2 day.

The 5-degrees of alignment and 5 strategies for creating alignment and transforming resistance will be presented. The 1/2 day Check Your Attitude program is highly interactive and engages the participants from beginning to end. The 1/2 day program is a proven standalone that equips participants with the awareness and tools to sustain long lasting change.

Following the 1/2 day trainer/participant segment is a step by step breakdown of the key elements of the chart and its applications for leaders, teams and for individual coaching. Teach-backs and creative application segments are an integral part of the face-to-face session. You will learn how to recognize each of the 40 most common attitudes that people have at work, understand the dynamics of each and strategies to teach/coach people to shift out of the negative attitudes into positive ones and how to guide people to balance their strengths. A detail agenda is at the end of this page.

There are 3 levels that you can participate:
  1. Consultant/Trainer Certification - $600.00USD
    For those who want to be authorized trainers/coaches/consultants utilizing the materials.
    Includes 2 manuals + card deck, 90-day access to online course.
  2. International Coaching Federation Continuing Education Certification – $900.00USD
    For those who would like to receive 12hours of continuing education credit approved by the ICF in addition to the Consultant/Trainer certification.
    Includes 2 manuals + card deck, 90-day access to online course and 3 - 30min individual virtual coaching meetings.
  3. 3. General Attendance – $500.00USD
    For those who would like to become familiar with the materials and use them for personal use
    Includes 2 manuals (German & English)

Application Process
  1. Email your interest in this course to and he will take it from there.
  2. Once the registration is complete you will receive access to the online program.

Jim Peal, Ph.D.
Jim is the creator of the Check Your Attitude Chart and training programs. Since its inception the Check Your Attitude programs consistently receive top scores. His reputation as a powerful natural master communicator who is dynamic, multi-talented, fun and inspiring is the trademark of his 20+ year career. His degree at Baylor Medical School, his doctoral degree and certification as a NLP Master Trainer and Tilt 365 Coach demonstrates his ongoing commitment to education, creativity and excellence. Jim’s tenure includes serving as the executive leader of Sage Seminars, the Resource Training Institute, Integrative Therapy School and the NeuroSomatics Institute. He served on the faculty of Pacifica Graduate School and was the Chair of the Diversity Committee. He has also served in executive positions with his partner organizations since 1997.

Jim has extensive global experience that spans across the Pharmaceutical, Biotech Technology, Manufacturing, and Retail industries. Jim’s areas of expertise include: the integration and alignment of leaders and teams, team based strategy development, culture integration in mergers and acquisitions, architecting and managing organizational change, transforming dysfunctional teams into productive teams, resolving conflict, executive coaching, developing and leading executive impact and presentation skills programs. He has served as a project manager for major change initiatives and leadership training programs in a large variety of multinational companies. Jim is the founder of the Leadership Development Group.

Jim's published works include: Check Your Attitude at the Door (English and German), Check Your Tude (English, Spanish, German), Daring to Have Real Conversations, Power Tools for Business Success, all on Jim is a TEDx presenter.

He has trained thousands of executives and health professionals and worked with hundreds of corporate teams from around the world. Jim has been instrumental in empowering business to make quantum increases in their productivity. He expresses the depth of his understanding of human beings and systems in an elegant practical speaking and teaching style that enlightens and promotes long lasting changes.



  • 1995 - Ph.D., Psychology, Union Graduate School, Cincinnati, OH
  • 1980 - BS, Physician Assistant Certificate, , Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
  • 1978 - BS, Psychophysiology, University of California, Davis


  • 1989 - Neurolinguistic Programming Trainer
  • 1988 - Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner
  • 1987 - Neurolinguistic Programming Programmer Practitioner
  • 2012 - Tilt Coach & Trainer Certification
  • 2017 - Emotional Intelligence Certification

Comments from participants in Jim’s programs

Greater awareness of some of my red attitudes that I don’t always recognize are red • Made me self-aware • Helpful in appreciating the broad range of qualities constituting positive and negative traits • This development session had a positive impact on how I view my personal working relationships and how I can improve on my responses towards people who operate in the red • Makes one re-evaluate overall goals and approach to communication • Try my best to turn red in to green • It helped me recognize where attitudes fall in a range and how to help counter “red zone” • It was useful to think about how you should/will respond to a person/situation that is “red” ahead of time and that may make the interaction less stressful • Helped provide insight as to what drives behavior • It was good to reflect on these attitudes and how they influence life/work • Learned something new about myself • This session helped me to realize how I can seem disengaged when the other person is upset; by nature I am a positive person so I am always trying to see positive in a situation, which can be frustrating to the other person • Made me aware of different workplace/life attitudes, good/bad and positive ways to improve myself • I allowed me to be more self-aware of my attitudes and behaviors in certain situations • This session helped me to spin positive attitudes in negative situations • It has helped me be more aware of where others are coming from and to be more aware of my own emotions/attitudes • The training was very productive; great session with focus on positive attitude • Awareness/self-awareness • A positive impact • How to be mindful and listen • Learn how to be green • Focused ability to identify reactions and provides “option” for changing “bad” behaviors • The recognition of the power to change from zone to zone by implementing the strategy • It will help me be more cognizant of my own emotions and those of others around me when communicating • To know myself better and to stay engaged with my emotions; try to focus on shifting from red emotions to the green • Improved self-awareness; counterpoints to red actions • A positive one • This session made me more aware of the different attitudes and make a choice to try to operate in the green • It impacted me with how I communicate • Increased my self-awareness of communication style (both positive and negative aspects) • That often I have negative attitudes and it is nice to be made aware that there are reciprocal positive attitudes I need to incorporate into the workplace for better communication • It helped me learn to adjust my attitude for better communication • Positive; helped recognize my positive and negative aspects • This session had a positive impact; it helped me to look in the mirror and find ways to improve my interactions with team members • Good strategies to positively impact a negative interaction • Be more open-minded that your attitude also affects others • This was better than expected! • The training was useful with regard to understanding the different mindsets and associated attitudes and how these can be changed into positives • Gave me new tools to handle situations positively • Very helpful • When red, go green • Good to have a positive attitude • Other people have similar feelings; often hard to know because people just stay in their offices • Not sure yet; we shall see • Made me more aware of the many different attitudes • Huge impact; has made me re-assess how I handle situations and individuals • Good to think about when you are in the “red” and take a moment to get to “green” • Great interaction/examples/video clips • You made me realize how many of these skills I already use in my everyday life, being from a nursing background • Made me realize that a successful team requires positive attitude • It gave us ways to stay positive when confronted w/ red attitudes • The training helped me see how negative interactions can be improved; helped me identify situations where I am inadvertently a rescuer and how I can modify my behavior to become a coach or a mentor • Made me consider how holding on to negativity affects me and others • A great impact on how to better communicate and adapt to different professional and personal situations • Different mindsets/related attitudes; negativity neutralizers; coaching • Chart that helps distinguish your tude • The levels of alignment and check your tude • Loved the periodic table • Finding ways to get from negative attitudes to positive attitudes • Thinking of the attitude chart and situations they applied and how to better approach situations • Coaching session helped me identify how to recast a situation • The periodic chart of the attitudes • The check your tude diagram; trying to find ways to go from negative to positive • Coaching • How to think about what are the negative “triggers” and what you can do to stay positive • The samples you gave at the end were helpful (everyday problems) • Group sessions • Handling negative emotions • Tude chart; role playing; enjoyed videos, although I have seen several prior to this; got to meet fellow staff that I had not interacted with before • The groups where we acted out the shadows and strengths was really creative and fun • Assessing negativity and converting to positivity before dealing with a situation • Self-evaluation of positive strengths • Check our tude – this was greatly needed for me dealing daily with teams of people both in the green and red zone • The attitudes, check your tude periodic table

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