"Your attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards you." - John N. Mitchell 

You walk into each and every experience of your life with an attitude. If your personality is the climate, your attitude is like the local weather. You may be cloudy and stormy one day, foggy or sunny and bright the next. Your attitude not only flavors and colors your experiences of other people and life, it sets the tone for how others experience you. Most of the time, you are not aware of your attitude.

Unfortunately, many people treat their attitude just like the weather; they assume it is totally out of their control. Do you? How often do you operate on autopilot and yet unknowingly assume you are just being yourself? Because you may not be aware that you can choose your attitude, you often take the cards that are dealt to you by your unconscious reactions and long-term habits and don’t think twice. “This is who I am,” you claim. “This is what I have to do.” But it’s just not true. You have a choice to Check Your Attitude at the Door and wake up.


Do you feel like you are the innocent recipient of whatever comes your way? Does it feel like life just dishes out experiences? If you want to know about the choices you have made, just look at your relationships, work, home, and how you feel about yourself right now. Listen to that little voice in your head. What is your commentary to your life? Are you living up to your potential or is something just not right? Does life seem unfair? Are anger, disappointment, and sadness core themes to how you feel? Do you feel something is missing? How do you get a handle on things to start turning your life around so that it is moving forward in a direction you would prefer? There is no need to just throw your hands in the air. There is no need to give up. Do you recognize and feel like you are in charge? Well, you are.

You are the creator of your life experience, not a passive recipient. Each moment of your life, every experience you have gives you the opportunity to Check Your Attitude, yes, at the door, to check to see what you are thinking and, in so doing, what you are creating. The goal is to enter into life with your eyes, ears, heart, and mind open, aware of what you are creating and how you are creating it. If what you are experiencing is not what you want, then you stop for a moment and intentionally reset your attitude and shift to an experience that is going to benefit you and those around you.

If you want to Check Your Attitude, look at what is happening in your life and what is happening around you. What do you see, hear, and feel? What is the dialogue going on in your head? By paying attention to your experience you will learn a lot about your mind and the choices you are making.




© 2017 Jim Peal