"There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative." - W. Clement Stone

  When you choose Positive Intention you instantly engage with the world. Your bubble becomes more permeable and you have more access to the people around you. Self-acceptance and appreciation of others become your foundation. When problems arise you look toward a solution and take action. Connection, compassion, and contact are possible. When you come from Positive Intention you speak the truth and you feel an even, easy flow of energy.

In the simplest of terms, you always have the choice to speak or not speak the truth. If you are not speaking the truth, for the sake of simplicity, you are lying. Your body comes with a built-in barometer for knowing when it is telling the truth or not. That is right, you are actually built to know how the truth feels. When you are coming from Negative Intention, there is a palpable distortion or fragmentation in that energetic flow. When you hear someone lie, you know it; maybe not in a verbal way, but something shifts inside of you. Yes, truth and lies express themselves as physical sensations that can be read and evaluated.

Think about a time someone told you or you told someone a lie or bent the truth. Remember how it felt? Do you feel a tension as you think about it? Do you feel a sinking sensation in your gut? How about a surge of adrenaline or agitation or a kind of anxiety or panic? Your body actually responds to the memory of those kinds of disconnected, uncomfortable sensations.

When you choose Negative Intention you cut yourself off and see others through your lens of criticism and judgment. Your permeable bubble hardens and little touches you because you are on the attack or are being defensive much of the time. Negative Intention creates the hard shell and all you can see are your own negative assumptions. You literally shut down and find yourself inhabiting a world of false assumptions, worries, what ifs, and oh no's.

Positive Intention connects you. Negative Intention isolates you, and out of fear you pass up the opportunity to make vital communications. Negative Intention is certainly not the best place to come from if you want to make growth-oriented decisions or create reasonable, compassionate, or real conversations. It is crucial to learn how to come from Positive instead of Negative Intention. Thinking and operating from Positive Intention is the foundation for moving through your doubts and fears and allows you to enter into the kind of attitude that serves everyone. While it all starts with your thoughts, it all ends up in your actions.




© 2017 Jim Peal