"The ancestor of every action is a thought." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

It all starts with your thinking. Your thinking is the primary source of all of your choices. Addressing how you think makes it possible to produce the results you really want. Here you will find tools to enhance your awareness, tools to cultivate a positive attitude, and guidance on how to take the right action.

As you increase your awareness you will begin to understand how your mind works and how your attitude impacts your thinking, emotions, and body language. This understanding enables you to come from positive intent, builds a positive attitude, and inspires you to take the actions in your life that will make a difference. Your actions, in turn, reflect your choices that build awareness and feed your attitude. Positive Intention builds momentum that spirals upward and improves your life and the lives of others. Destructive loops, based on Negative Intention, spiral downward and diminish your life energy and the world around you.

Each and every moment provides you with the unique opportunity to make meaningful choices. Each of your choices creates a unique future, yet most of the time you enter into life unconsciously, simply triggered by what is around you. You respond in an often knee-jerk fashion without rhyme or reason. The truth is you can manifest the kind of experience you want to have. It is up to you. As you enter into each experience, you stand at a door. It’s a significant place of choice. Checking Your Attitude at the Door means that you pause for a moment, reflect on your choices, and then intentionally choose to have a positive impact.

Life is meant to be lived forward, not backward.

When you assume Negative Intention you are facing your past and living a life of trying to avoid what happened. You can imagine what it might be like if you drove your car backwards only using your rearview mirror! When you try to avoid negative experiences you keep your attention on what is negative. If I tell you not to think about a green elephant with yellow polka dots, your mind has to think of the elephant first in order not to think about it. If you want to give a presentation and you are thinking, “Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous,” your mind has to think about being nervous first. It is much more powerful to think, “Feel confident.” Use the compass of Positive Intention to set the direction of what you truly want in your life, and with awareness and a clear attitude take action in that direction.  

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West




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