"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." - Thomas Jefferson

Your actions create an environment around you, what can be called your personal culture. If you have an attitude of positive intent, it will stimulate an environment of positive intent around you. That is what you will perceive and what people will experience when they are in your presence. If you have an attitude of negative intent, then you will experience negativity around you. You will not be open to what is going on and people around you will have a similar experience as well.If you think about many of the great leaders in our time, when things got difficult they kept a positive attitude. This is what actually led people to a successful outcome even when the external circumstances seemed to be dire. Likewise, by having a Positive Intention in your attitude you will be able to create success as you navigate your way through your life.

Not only are actions what you see out there in the world, but there is also a huge battery of micro or subtle actions that includes your expressions, nonverbal cues, the tone of your voice, your body posture, and all the things that you express while you communicate. So action is not only obvious but also very subtle, and the subtleties can be significant.

Think of what someone would notice from an observer's point of view. This kind of witnessing requires a much greater level of awareness than just checking off a list of behaviors of things that you should or shouldn't do. Since your micro behaviors, like the tone of your voice, reflect your attitudes, it is crucial to build on your awareness. As you become more and more aware you will discover you can scope out a lot about what you are thinking. In turn, you'll find how what you think affects how you express yourself, and in turn, how you are perceived. Your attitude about the variety of situations you encounter all day long dictates and defines your actions from the micro to the macro level.

It is essential to build awareness and a positive attitude; real transformation happens when you make changes in your attitude and behaviors/tangible actions. Your actions are the result of your awareness, your attitude (mental and emotional processes). To intentionally create positive action, follow these steps: Be aware of your thinking, attitudes, and actions.

Become aware of what triggers you into a negative frame of mind. Pause to change the fundamental intention of your thinking from negative to Positive Intention. Notice what your choices are. Generate a positive behavior and impact that is in alignment with your Positive Intention. Once you act, check to verify the actual impact of your action.

"People don't resist change. They resist being changed!"
-Peter Senge




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