What's your attitude got to do with it?

How this site works

At a glance you can see the negative and positive attitudes that typically come up at work.
Just click on a attitude on the chart to discover more


Organization of the chart

The chart looks like a chemistry periodic table of the elements but consists of attitudes as the elements.

Service or Sabotage is the ultimate outcome when you choose
Positive or Negative intention as the basis for your mindset.

The outside columns represent the Meta-Attitudes for that row.
The inside elements are arranged symmetrically across from each other.
If you are in the red, look across the row to the same place in the green, where you will see
an obvious place
(not the only place) to go to be more effective at work and happier in your relationships and life.

If you want to strengthen a positive quality you can look first in the same column;
or, pick one strength from each row to help balance your strengths.

Check Your Tude Chart

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We have all been around someone with a crappy attitude.
While research proves what we all know about the impact of attitude on performance, if unchecked, their
negative energy becomes a contagion that sweeps through an office, eroding creativity, productivity and
ultimately the bottom line.
Don't be that person!




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